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Hi Gerry,

>One thing I forgot to mention. Can you also run FDISK /STATUS at each 
>stage of your testing and note the output. This _should_ correctly 
>identify the overall size of your RAID 5 array and show what you've used 

I've done it at once. So not step by step and no logging.

And I found if I have 2 partition in the drive, the logical drive
space GO WRONG everytime (FDISK 1.2.1), it shows 2% only, if I enter
100% it shows "divided by zero" and return to DOS prompt.

Will try to log as much as possible.

>so far. If that size does not agree with the size reported by the SCSI 
>BIOS controller UI, then all bets are off, and we have a more 
>fundamental problem. Check things like whether extended INT13 support is 
>enabled in the BIOS, but make sure you put settings back before you 
>install Windows 2003. IBM may have set it for a reason.

I've checked the BIOS, nothing related to INT13, just normal settings,
also the Adaptec SCSI BIOS keep INT13 "ON" by default.

>An interesting point arises from this; as discussed earlier, the o/s 
>would usually go on a mirror. In this case, the MBR would be duplicated 
>to the MBR section of each physical disk, but under RAID5, I wonder what 
>happens to the MBR?? Does it get striped across three disks?!?

I don't know the exact answer, by theory MBR should exist on the other
disk as a "parity".


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