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>I'm currently writing a project in C using djgpp that runs in DOS and 
>hopefully soon in FreeDOS. I notice that hard disk access is poor (noisy and 
>frantic, as it is when booting into Windows safe mode).

FreeDOS is DOS compatible, of course not 100% but most of the program

It's because the UltraDMA mode disabled in BIOS, download UDMA2 from
FreeDOS.org and try.

>Is disk access better under FreeDOS than MS-DOS, and are there any decent 
>drivers or config tweaks you could point me toward, please? As a newbie, any 
>hints and tips would be greatly appreciated.

The FreeDOS kernel and command.com was smaller, and boot a lot faster
than MS-DOS.

The only tweak maybe in FDCONFIG.SYS (you can use CONFIG.SYS also):


will use 6 buffers, otherwise it consume 29 buffers whatever the
number is, why? Have to ask the developers ;-)

>Many thanks in advance,

You're welcome.


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