Okay, if you've been following the VDS bouncing ball, be aware there is now a new EMM386 test release, called emmchimp.zip at ftp.devoresoftware.com/downloads/emm386 which does fix the problem using the VDS option of EMM386 on the original problematic HP Pavilion laptop.

How do I know? Because Mark Bailey sent the unhappy machine for testing here, which arrived today. I subsequently found a bug in the VDS scatter/gather lock function (8105h) which causes failure if the passed address to be processed is not aligned on a 4K boundary.

I would like anyone who has had a problem with VDS -- judging by feedback that being Gerry Hickman, Bernd, and untold legions of lurkers -- to try this version of EMM386 and see if VDS works for them. If we're all astoundingly lucky, this test release fixes everything. If not, you need to tell me. In fact, you really need to tell me either way.

I unilaterally crown Mark Bailey as FreeDOS User Of The Month for shipping a nice laptop to some crusty bastard he doesn't even know and trusting me to actually send it back. In fact, I feel so big-hearted and benevolent about the whole thing I won't be invoicing FreeDOS International Incorporated for the $40 USB floppy drive I purchased since the damn laptop BIOS didn't have an option to boot from my FreeDOS flash stick.

Oh yeah, like last three times, as an unofficial release this means no visible version changes, no EXE compression, no redistribution as an official-type release, no fooling.

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