Gerry Hickman wrote:

Kenneth J. Davis wrote:

It is documented, within kernel source doc directory and at

This is very nice, but how do people find it from either or (the sites we were given).

I know, bunches of stuff spread out...
Anyway, for a while now (since both are hosted in cvs there) both FreeCom and the Kernel have their own sourceforge pages
respectively; which are mentioned on the FreeDOS sourceforge page
which one finds from the link on the main page (any mirror) titled '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' under 'Developers' section.

The kernel page on sourceforge is the one I try to give to people to go to 1st as it has useful links and more importantly whoever maintains the kernel is likely to use it (so in the future that url is likely to still work); of course its easier for me to update my own site, so from there I redirect users to my site. :-)

Once I get around to making a proper release of latest sys (v3.6 or so) then this information will be included within html-help documents (the link on sf is the updated help file, not yet included) and can be found for online viewing (being html documents :-) at, or in particular

If I go to

and then choose "Documentation" it takes me to something completely different, with FAQs, and I can't find the actual docs related to command line switches...

From there the command line help will be within the spec or manifesto (or something), which lists all commands and their basic usage that FreeDOS aspires to meet [so not all are available and/or match those command line arguments].

Yes I should work better with the fd-doc project, but hey no ones perfect.

I do want to redo, move all my DOS related stuff there, rearrange to make it easier to find the desired whatever, and most importantly make it as easy/automatic to keep updated. (hint, so suggestions off list are welcome)


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