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>I heard of a "novel netware emmulator" for linux and since here are 
>running allready a lot of linux boxes i thought of using this. does 
>anyone has a idea how to setup this? it seems i do something wrong, at 
>least the clients dont see the novel server.

As I know it only exist on the SUSE Linux (bought by Novell).
Maybe it's a LGPL.

>A other idea would be to use samba. but does anybody know a small (the 
>client from microsoft doesnt fit on one floppy) and a generic (the one 
>from microsoft only runs on 286 and up) client for dos ?

Only LAN Manager did the job, I'm using it.

Long time ago I've tried to use Windows client (lightweight version of
LAN Manager), but it fail to run the NDIS driver or didn't work, glad
to see someone can successfully let it work.


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