Matthew Fisher schreef:
Still stymied, but I don't actually think it's a hardware question.  After
the install completes, on  reboot it's not actually finding anything to
start up: everything is still in the C:\temp directory, and the post-install
scripts aren't running.

if I recall correctly, FreeDOS attempts to locate the directory where SETUP installed files to. So far, only drive C: supported. If that fails, it means installer didn't complete installing packages and then FreeDOS tries to install a core bootable system:
kernel (c:\kernel.sys), shell (at c:\temp) and bootsector.
Only alternative is to switch to the freedos installation directory manually and execute postinst.bat there.

Is there a step I'm missing in installing from floppies here? Or a way to
force the next step after a clean install and rebooting with the install
floppy instead of the non-booting hdd?

as above. Boot from diskette, press F5 and pray everything goes OK :)
I'm used to a bit defensive programming, so postinst.bat shouldn't depend too much on earlier executed files.

I hope you're able to finish installation. I'm not fond of testing the diskette installation procedure, as disk swapping in a virtual machine is kind of problematic. New harddrive + a set of diskettes should do wonders for me.



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