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as for the nature of the XMS driver, to my surprise FDXMS286 *can* be loaded by DEVLOAD, a commandline loader. So, it's runtime loadable (no idea if it would also crash on 8086) and supports 80286 platform Huge drawback to that is that it's not as advanced as your driver. (A20 styles, 4GB support, XMS3.0 API, options, etc..)
so that means Microsoft's XMSMMGR.EXE can be imitated :)

We've discussed loading HIMEM at the DOS prompt after CONFIG.SYS processing before, too. It's a bad idea that could easily open the floodgates of bug reports for people wondering why their drivers aren't loading or working properly, and why XMS/EMS memory or HMA/UMBs are missing or misbehaving. I don't want any part of it, even though the actual code changes necessarily for basic setup would likely be small relative to what's already been done to it.

Note that XMSMMGR is rarely mentioned by Microsoft and has a microscopic fraction of references anywhere compared to HIMEM. That condition is quite pertinent to this discussion. XMSMMGR appears to be a stripped-down hack program forced into creation so Windows could be installed even when HIMEM was not loaded, and not intended for general DOS use.

As far as EMM386, I am not sure one could ever reliably load EMM386 at the command prompt post CONFIG.SYS drivers and COMMAND shell, plus a scattering of AUTOEXEC TSRs. I am sure I don't want to try.

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