Yes, that was a rather stupid question about win drivers for DOS.
And is there any tip for a 100% DOS compatible PCI sound card? I mean no drivers, etc needed? Thanks in advance!

There is no such thing as a "DOS compatible" sound card, because DOS does not support sound cards. DOS applications include their own routines or use a library such as MIDAS or DIGIPAK to drive a sound card. What you probably want is a PCI card that is hardware compatible with a SoundBlaster, so that DOS applications which have been written to drive such a card can function. I don't know much about PCI sound cards, so I'm not sure whether there are any which are completely hardware compatible with the SoundBlaster (thus not requiring any software to achieve compatibility with applications written to drive an SB).

With a more modern OS such as Linux or Windows, a kernel driver is responsible for driving the sound card. This way, applications can use a standard interface rather than having to support every possible type of audio hardware. This avoids the problem seen on DOS where the hardware changes (audio integrated on modern motherboards, which no longer include ISA slots), leaving applications to run in silence because they only support old audio hardware.

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