At 11:25 PM 10/11/2005 +0200, Bernd Blaauw wrote:

Markus Oberhumer seems to have his own website and seems quite active. Maybe he's interested in your patch.

It's not in a good patch form consistently matching the rest of the source, but rather a basic hack to make things work. Also, it forces the default stack for EXE's, although that could be fixed in a couple of minutes. Doubtful they'd be interested in a patch that wasn't good to insert as-is at the time of submission.

Perhaps SY3PACK stub (as your UPX counts as competition) will now become 8086 compatible, or EMM386/HIMEM back to GPL as there are no more issues with the GPL conflicting with a stub from a non-GPL compressor. Tom's explicit choice though, as your significant contributions are mentioned as "public domain".

GPL is a blight upon the land. Tom's choice of Artistic License 2.0 was an excellent decision, assuming one chooses to "open" rather than PD source. I like Artistic License sufficiently well that any future open source project I develop which isn't released as public domain will use it. That is, I will unless OSI approves an enticing license which FSF doesn't agree is GPL-compliant, which I will thereby embrace as a raspberry at the FSF . Currently the only OSI-approved licenses FSF says aren't GPL-compliant aren't very attractive to me for development.

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