> maybe it is just a stupid question, but is there a way to find out 
> whether a mainboard bios supports LBA48 or not?

Mine (Award 4.51 BIOS) had a bug which would made it crash for
disks bigger than 32 or 64 GB. I downloaded a patched version
by some Dutch guy. Then I just plugged a 200 GB disk, the BIOS
said "128 GB" (or 130-something in decimal GB) disk detected
and booted without problems. Linux has built-in LBA48, so
it can access the whole disk.
FreeDOS has no such drivers, so as soon as it hits the
first partition beyond the first 128 GB, it shows an error
message and stops looking for drive letters. Otherwise it
works fine and accesses all drive letters in the first
128 GB okay :-).
If FreeDOS could re-scan the partition table after loading
the UDMA2 DOS driver with built-in LBA48, FreeDOS could even
reach beyond my BIOS limit...

But to answer your question: If the BIOS thinks that your disk
is only 128 GB, it supports no LBA48.


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