Johnson Lam schreef:
8086 with FAT32 simultaneous is not practical. Maybe someone still own
a 8086 PC but please consider support from 80386, because today's DOS
program or XMS is for 80386.
we're just mentioning that should run on 8086, and that they should support fat32. Not that FAT32 on 8086 should work in all cases.. No 2 TeraBytes partitions on an 8bit ISA controller in a 8086..although the mailinglist did receive mail from a person with 8086 computer and cdrom installed on it.

NFS is exactly on of the "killer application" for FreeDOS, but it's a
big project, must start a team to work on it, but seems no one is
willing to take the job
just like opensource SMB for DOS..everything relies on MS TCP/IP stack, which is a memory hog and can hardly be loaded out of conventional memory.
A single disk Linux boot like FreeDOS, also need someone code drivers
for the modern hardware. FreeDOS already can take some of the DOS
drivers running.
I don't know how large Linux itself is nowadays. 1MB or so? The people working on the LinuxBIOS project have trouble integrating it into firmware due to size restrictions of the BIOS chip. Knoppix has also converted its own bootimage to 2.88MB (or is running Isolinux instead of direct floppy emulation).


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