> do you know what minimal level subscription is required?  Operating
> System, Professional, Enterprise or Universal levels?  Next year I may
> opt for a msdn subscription for vc, but if I go other ways (maybe
> Intel's compiler instead) I may still get the OS one for

Sorry, I don't know the minimal level required. My company pays my
suscription and I don't know what type is it.

Yeah, Windows 16 bits SDK and DDK are availables, also Windows 3.1,
Windows 3.11, WFG 3.11, Windows 3.2, Access 2.0, MS-DOS 6.2 and MS-DOS

And of course you will be able to download any operating system from
Microsoft: Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP, 98, SE, 2003 & XP for 64 bits,

> Thank you for any information and for at least letting me know that the
> win3.x SDK/DDK is still available (at least for now),

Yeah, it's still available. Also you can find the DDK in the eMule (at
least yesterday I could). I hope this is used to someone can develop a
modern VESA driver for Windows 3.xx, it would be fantastic! (I want to
run my Windows 3.11 at 1024x768 with 32K).

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