Chema schreef:
Maybe it would be easier to create a opensource Windows 3.xx clone
from the beginning. ReactOS and WINE code are available to download
and these have implemented the Win 16 API.
not worth the effort, but feel free to work on it :)
Another question, has the FreeDOS beta 0.9 cd lite version drivers for
USB, network and DHCP?
no, no, maybe.
Johnson Lam has a driverdisk for USB,
Erwin Veermans has a network disk,
DHCP requires some network driver stack loaded. Most easy is packet driver (look for Crynwr site),
Then comes  IPX/SPX using Novell stack (LSL/ODI), and finally MS TCP/IP.

A funny thing is that today I had to create a TinyURL just to be able to download Opengem from a batchfile,
as the commandline may only be 128bytes.


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