XDMA v2.5 and is available for download at:

http://johnson.tmfc.net/freedos (click XDMA driver)

Except for no XDMA read-tests, XDMA now has all other features and
runs IDENTICALLY to UDMA2, and its file size is over 1700 bytes
smaller.   Also, XDMAJR now runs IDENTICALLY to UDMA2S, and its file
saves over 200 bytes.   V2.5 XDMA/XDMAJR have a correct EDD BIOS disk
scan, and they do not reject a disk with missing or bad CHS
parameters, as most DOS systems now use LBA mode I-O.   These issues
were never addressed in UDMA2/UDMA2S.

Please enjoy the ultra-mini driver and report any problem found.


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