On Fri, 18 Nov 2005 15:55:33 +0000, you wrote:

Hi Gerry,

>I don't know about half-height cards for which we don't have a model 
>number, but all the integrated Intel NICs will work with chipsets from 
>ICH2 - ICH6 including all the mobile versions.

We got a lot of OEM cards here, made in China ... which caused a lot
of problems.

>When you say the "3com problem" do you mean the OEMSETUP.INF file? If so 
>I usually ignore those files and just hack the *.dos file into my 
>MSCLIENT installation but I can see it's an issue if you want to be able 
>to run the "proper" MSCLIENT setup program.

That's an ISSUE to a user

>The way I did it was run the setup program once about 10 years ago, then 
>since that day I just edit SYSTEM.INI and PROTOCOL.INI to point to which 
>ever NDIS2 driver I'm using. I can see this would not be practical for 
>someone who wants to use it for the first time though.

You're smart, but users don't know much of the INI and those things,
and I'm only a "better" user.


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