I have a problem with the SBPCI Sound Driver under FreeDOS, could someone help me ?

When I use the default configuration for HIMEM and EMM386 :
I have then 32MB of EMS.
and then I try to load SBPCI I got the following error :

error: Could not allocate code/patch RAM below 4 Mbyte boudary. Try loading APIinit.com before SMARTDRV.EXE or minimizing VDISK.RAM.
PCI audio driver NOT loading

By searching in the mailing list archive I found that limitating the EMS size to 2MB would solve the problem :

Then SBPCI loads fine but I have only 2MB EMS which is not enoug for my games.

Is there a way to have SBPCI loaded and 32MB of EMS at the same time ?

I have solved my probem by using Microsoft's EMM386 :

Microsoft's EMM386 allows me to load SBPCI fine avec have 32MB of EMS.
But I would like to have a 100% Microsoft-free OS so I would like to have it working with FreeDOS's EMM386.
Is it possible ?

Sincerly yours

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