--- Blair Campbell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > Blair, I have tried a number of things.  LPTlink
> seems
> > to work in a Win98 command shell, but not under
> > FreeDOS or MS-DOS 7.1.  It doesn't crash the
> system
> Does it transfer the files correctly in Win98?  Do
> the MD5SUMs check out?

No, it doesn't work.  If I launch the client on a pc
that has a viable null modem connection to another pc
running w98, it says it is waiting for a connection,
and then it says it is receiving a file, and then it
hangs or says it can't read the file it is receiving. 
It does this whether or not I am trying to load the
server on the other end.

This only happens if it's hooked to a pc running
windows, so I suppose Windows is sending something to
the port... a bunch of gibberish that screws up
lptlink.  It also caused lptlink to deposit some
illegal files in my desktop directory, which I had to
clean up by booting to DOS.  So, it was trying to do
something but Windows got in its way.

As for the server, it says "Access Denied" when I try
to launch it.  Maybe I have the syntax wrong.


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