Hi, with FreeDOS, you can indeed use dialup if you have a
real serial port modem (as opposed to a Winmodem / softmodem,
for which you would need extra drivers which you will not
have for DOS). You can also use a LAN connection, crynwr has
many network card drivers for DOS. Your app can then use
wattcp (16bit) or watt32 (32bit, e.g. Watcom or GNU C DJGPP
compiler) network stack libraries - the kernel itself has no
network support, so the stack has to be linked to your
ssh dot exe or whatever you are developing (by the way, there
already is ssh2dos :-)).

Note that documentation for watt... is not free, while the library
itself is. However, the library comes with some sample code, so
you can use that for inspiration.


PS: Please give more details about what kind of application you
want to develop.
PPS: For dialup, use doschat or lsppp dial-in tools.

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