Florian Xaver wrote:

> I want to buy a new laptop (~€1000.-- or ~$1000.--). But i also want to
> use DOS. FreeDOS. I want to play mp3s via mpxplay and...

Ask mpxplay's author what "Intel ICHs" he supports.

> I asked Robert and he wrote, that i won't have any chance. But maybe

Did I really say that?

> somebody has an idea? I would like to have WLAN under DOS ...so that i
> can use Arachne.

Then you need an old 802.11b card with Orinoco chipset, because others
don't have packet or NDIS2 drivers. See bottom of

> PS: Do USB mice work under DOS? (If there is no PS/2)

Depends. ;-) Zitat von Microsoft: "Legacy support is required in the
BIOS for a USB keyboard or USB mouse to operate in any of the MS-DOS
mode phases." Or google for ohci.exe and uhci.exe.

Robert Riebisch
BTTR Software

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