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ARG! Can someone please help me with this? I'm trying to run an old DOS Star Trek Game of mine. By DOS standards, it's pretty resource-heavy and requires upper memory. So I added the lines into my fdconfig.sys to load up emm386.exe (with the "noems" option) and himem.exe . Then, after I boot up, the "mem" command outputs only conventional memory and my game does not run. If I use my FreeDOS El Torito CD-ROM to boot up, it loads upper memory, so I know it can be done! ARG! I want to play this game! I haven't played it in years :'( do I do this?
device=emm386.exe noems

and use devicehigh=[driver]
and use loadhigh [driver]

however our default FreeCOM ( ) has a LH command which does nothing. Get one for 186+ from


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