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As a postal worker for 22 years, I will tell you with certainity that if you use an envelope to mail it you made a mistake. Every post office that processes mail and some that don't have a collection items that should
never have been mailed in an envelope.

Strictly a risk/reward ratio consideration. Pay 60 cents to mail a $10 item I don't need and take a slightly higher chance of its loss, or pay $4 to support a nicer packing solution which would almost certainly get there intact. USPS is, overall, fairly reliable and it was worth the risk. That said, as you may know, within the past decade the USPS Chicago metro area was considered one of the worst in the nation for its speed of delivery and lost piece count. That may have changed for the better after several public expose's on the subject, but perhaps I should have factored that status into the equation, as well.

If I did it again, though, I'd turn the card opening towards the bottom of the envelope.

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