I've just tested the ISO-CD image to install the system on two different
machines and - after all - it failed.

The first machine was a ten years old P-II with 390 MByte RAM and I was
not able to boot the burned ISO-CD on that machine (though the other
bootable (I had access to) CDROMS worked).

The next one was a P-IV machine with 512 MByte RAM. The system booted,
but after all I did not managed to install the stuff there.

During one installation (there are several way) I received invalid opcodes
messages and the installation stopped.

Then after about 10 retries I managed to get the installation run through,
but I never managed to make the system reboot - no chance. I always got
the message: "PRESS KEY TO REBOOT".

And yes I did "sys c:" - but it did not help at all.

Keep up doing this work. I like the idea to have a free dos available.

Marten Feldtmann

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