Hi Rinaldo,
there is the free mbrola tts software. The core engine is also
available for DOS. The "text to pronounciation" software is
available for DOS at least for Dutch, probably also for German.
The voices work for all operating systems. But - you cannot run
mbrola in the background in DOS. I suggest to use Linux for
screenreader and tts. What kind of hardware do you have? You
can run DOS in DOSEMU in Linux if you prefer the DOS user
interface. What kind of screen reader do you have, by the way,
serial port, printer port, usb, other?


> Is there  blind persons that are using freedos with a screenreader, if so I
> wish to know what is  available and where can I find it, please indicate
> website and file name.
> Is there any tts soft speech in english, Italian, German and Dutch?
> If so where can I find it please.

PS: You can mail me directly / off list if you need the URLs of particular 

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