I downloaded the most recent release of Free DOS beta9 Service Release #2 (Dated 11/30/2005) twice and burned both ISO images to CD's via Nero as recommended
Tried several times to install DOS via the CD's
On each and every attempt the installation failed
Display screen showed the following results
DOS version 7.10
FreeDos kernal version 0.0.35
CON codepage support (Free DOS DISPLAY) not loaded.
FreeDOS DISPLAY ver. 0.12
Buffers allocated: 002 in TPA, 000 in XMS
Uncompressing and loading UPXed CPI (CPX) file :-).
Invalid Opcode at ...
Invalid Opcode at ...
Invalid Opcode at ...
Invalid Opcode at ...
Invalid Opcode at ..
Program installation freezes up - nothing further happens  !!!  
Does anyone have any suggestions on what can be done to solve this problem  ????
Any comments would be greatly appreciated

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