After a couple of days of trying to install FreeDOS from the downloadable CD, I am happy to announce some success
Here is what I have found and my suggestions to work around the current problem until it is fixed
As soon as the downloaded bootable CD is booted up, you will see a background picture of a fish with some options presented in the bottom left hand corner for the user to choose from
Within 15 seconds of seeing this screen, type any key on the keyboard to freeze this screen to allow you take your time to look over the options
Select option (1) Boot FreeDos setup  (Type 1 and then press the enter key)
The setup program with begin to run again - the display screen will turn to white text on black ground and will display various info
Immediately, type any key on the keyboard - this will freeze the setup program so that you view and select the next user option
This is were the BUG is - THE DEFAULT CHOICE "Ask me (default)" DOESN'T WORK
I have tried Choice (1) "Load XMSdriver" and Choice (4) "HIMEM+EMM386" several times and have been able to install FreeDOS on a conventional 100 GB laptop hard drive with 100 % reproducible results
Immediately after said install, I get the following files and folders
Summary of Installed Files on Drive C: FAT partition - maximum size (2,047 MB)
Drive C: root        =       9  files
BIN Folder           =   135  files
DOC Folder         =   212  files
NLS Folder          =     91  files
APPINFO folder   =     70  files
CPI folder            =     16  files
HELP folder         =     52  files
TEMP folder         =      5  files 
TOTAL                =   590  files 
Is the above summary close to what every one else is getting  ???
By the way, this installed DOS system is a lot larger than PC DOS, MS DOS & DR DOS !!!
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