OBJECTIVE:  I would like FREE DOS to immediately boot up with a  specific 
color setting and stay consistent regardless of what commands are later  used
Unfortunately, as with MS DOS & PC DOS, I have discovered that the  MENUCOLOR 
setting in FREE DOS reverts back to its default setting (gray text,  black 
background) whenever the user executes the CLS (clear the screen)  command
Does anyone know of any work around solution to this issue ??
For example,
(1) Is there something else that you can do to prevent the CLS command from  
changing the MENUCOLOR setting
(2) The main reason why I use the CLS command (mostly in batch files)  is to 
rid the screen of previous text so that only new text will show when  said new 
text is displayed 
Does anyone have any ideas as to how to accomplish the same result without  
using the CLS command ??
This method provides a 100 % constant color setting (not effected by  later 
commands such as CLS) but I have never been able to get the desired  setting to 
activate until I type in my very first command which needless to say  comes 
after the config.sys & autoexec.bat runs - so I can't get the computer  to 
immediately boot up with the desired color setting 
Does anyone know of any work around solution to this issue ??
Thank you in advance for your replys

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