OBJECTIVE: I would like FREE DOS to immediately boot up with a specific color setting and stay consistent regardless of what commands are later used

This is not possible: scrolling screen contents in BIOS gets color of new line from the last character in previous line, so, if some program by some reason outputs in its own color (usually white on black), then all other output of non-colored programs will be in this color. I see only one workaround: install ANSI.SYS and send its escape sequences to set color (in config.sys through ECHO, in command.com through PROMPT variable).

This method provides a 100 % constant color setting (not effected by later commands such as CLS) but I have never been able to get the desired setting to activate until I type in my very first command which needless to say comes after the config.sys & autoexec.bat runs -

Let me repeat: there is ECHO in config.sys under FreeDOS and PROMPT variable in command.com. Insert your escape sequences there - especially, command.com provides additonal support for inserting escape codes in PROMPT.

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