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Hello, all. Here is another issue arising from my check-out of the new Service Release 2.

I find that loading EMM386.EXE can cause Ctrl-Alt-Del to fail. I boot fine, then press Ctrl-Alt-Del from the DOS prompt. The screen goes black, but the video and system BIOS boot messages never reappear. Very occasionally the keyboard is locked altogether and does not execute Ctrl-Alt-Del.
I trigger the problem even with this minimal DOS configuration:

CONFIG.SYS (from either the hard drive or floppy)

That's not minimal. Recommended minimal is EMM386 X=TEST. Most minimal would be EMM386 NOEMS NOVDS X=A000-EFFF.

You should also try NOALTBOOT option since you're having problems with Ctrl-Alt-Del. ALTBOOT is the default condition.

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