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So I added back a range exclusion, thus: NOEMS X=A000-EFFF VDS NOALTBOOT.
This booted up in unstable condition, locking altogether (or with
Ctrl-Alt-Del still not working).

I increased the exclusion to the range that one of you had recommended:
NOEMS X=A000-FFFF VDS NOALTBOOT.  This booted into stable, functional
condition, and Ctrl-Alt-Del works.

No, you're doing something wrong or incompatible unrelated to switches. There is no functional difference between X=A000-EFFF and X=A000-FFFF. Also, VDS is a default and need not be present. I suggest you are mixing (older) versions of EMM386 or else you're loading an unstable driver.

X=TEST and NOALTBOOT (for your card) would be the recommended options with latest version EMM386, possibly to include NOVDS (probably unnecessary).

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