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The default DOS configuration created by the SR 2 bootable CD distro included this line in FDAUTO/AUTOEXEC.BAT:

   LH KEYB UX,,C:\FDOS\bin\keybrd3.sys

As I was working with a machine and checking out the installation, I thought I had a bad keyboard, since the apostrophe/quotation mark and grave accent/tilde keys were not working for me.

What I finally figured out was that the keyboard was fine, but that the keyboard command above installed an International US layout rather than a standard US layout, and that these two layouts differ on their handling of these keys.

Precisely. :-)

I expect that this is by design, and that perhaps the brutish American (that would be me), should just develop better international DOS skills.

I also understand now that KEYB, like NLSFUNC + CHCP, and DISPLAY + MODE CON CODEPAGE, (and probably COUNTRY) are part of the provision for FreeDOS International support, and that if I am happy with FreeDOS defaults - which are probably US standard - then I can simply delete all those devices and commands.

Well, I don't know about FreeDOS defaults (if I'm right, it's the user who selects keyboard layout on installation time) - all I can tell you is that you are right; you can dismiss all those commands if you will use a regular US keyboard to type english only.

I imagine that the FreeDOS team will include ample documentation of the installation defaults and FreeDOS International support as development continues toward v1.0. But I thought it might be useful for someone to know how the default installation played for one user.

I tried my best to provide the most possibly detailed and comprehensive documentation on what regards keyboard layouts and codepages. If I failed for any reason, please let me know. My e-mail address is available on the documentation of, respectively, CPIDOS (The codepage pack) and KPDOS (the keyboard layout pack) as well. On the KPDOS documentation you'll find a file named "US-INTL.TXT" which will probably provide you with all the explanation you need.

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Henrique Peron,

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