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Hi Alan

>Command? I have a system with only a HDD and a 256MB
>CF card, plus USB ports. I had tried everything to
>boot this system, from USB CD-ROM with bootable Win2k
>CD, to USB flash drive, but nothing works. Even
>plugging in the HDD to another PC and install doesn't
>work (after replugging back to the system, Windows
>fails to load, sigh...) 

I've tried, I can boot from flash finger (flash drive) on my office's
HP 7100dc SSF and also IBM ThinkCentre by setting the BIOS to try
"USB-HDD" or "USB-FDD" first, you need a freedos floppy disk image and

TITLE: HP Windows Format Utility for USB Drive Key or DiskOnKey
VERSION: 2.00.006 Rev. B
US=HP Windows Format Utility for USB Drive Key or DiskOnKey

>I'm planning to install FreeDOS into the CF from my
>Win XP Pro laptop via PCMCIA card reader, and use it
>to boot up this system so that i can install Win2K on
>the HDD. I have been browsing through the net for few
>days but has yet to find a way. Can anyone please

Is it an IDE to PCMCIA adapter? For a laptop maybe try a bootable
CD-ROM is easier.

There's a IDE-to-CF adapter which can plug into the IDE channels, but
may not suitable for laptop:



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