> Mark> I have found Partition Magic unreliable on WindowsXP Service Pack 2 
> (and later) versions of NTFS.

> JL, Mark> I would recommend trying:


> JL> Easy to use, the GUI really help understanding how the partition layout. 
> Too bad it's too small for CD and too big for floppy, and needs to boot Linux.

If for some reason Gnome (link above) is not sufficient then Partition 
Commander (U$50) works just fine with WinXP SP2 NTFS. It's GUI looks ok, too. 
It can also be easily setup on a standalone bootable CD.

> PartitionMagic:
> http://www.partitionmagic.com/home_homeoffice/products/system_performance/pm80/index.html
> Partition Commander:
> http://www.v-com.com/product/Partition_Commander_Home.html
> Acronis Disk Director Suite:
> http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/products/diskdirector/
> Partition Commander, for instance, allows converting NTFS partitions back to 
> FAT, the feature that was absent in PartitionMagic. Acronis Disk Director 
> Suite seems to have the best choice of features of all three products, but I 
> have never tried it so can't comment on it.
> Lester

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