LV> - Drive -, NTFS,  primary, hidden, Windows XP
LV> - Drive -, NTFS,  primary, hidden, Windows 2000
LV> - Drive C, FAT32, primary, active, FreeDOS

Eric> Why would you make the ntfs drives hidden? DOS will not use them anyway...

This is just an example of the most straightforward configuration (I think) for 
a poster who doesn't seem to have much experience with multi-boot systems. NTFS 
partitions in the above example could of course remain "visible" because 
FreeDOS will simply ignore any partition with a file system other than FAT12, 
FAT16 or FAT32.

Arkady> You can have 4 primary partitions or up to 3 primary partitions and one 
extended partition with any quantity of logical partitions.

Thanks, Arkady for correcting my original message. I should have read it twice 
before posting.


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