Anyone viewing PDF files *with images* under FreeDOS?

I understand that some implementation of Ghostscript is the way to go, but 
so far I haven't been able to get it to work.

I also understand that there are a couple of Ghostscript GUI's for DOS 
(PSView/PS_View and one other usually mentioned second), but these rely on a 
working command-line installation.

Aladdin/GNU Ghostscript v5.10 is supposed to be outdated in some respect 
(video support?) and I have failed with it so far.  There is more than one 
v7.05 distro out there, at least some of which are not complete but rely on 
a basic installation from elsewhere.  Documentation seems inadequate, and in 
any case, I haven't succeeded with it yet.

There are Arachne users who have some information, but so far I have not 
been able to bring it all together right.  And besides, they may not be 
using FreeDOS.  (I eventually want to be able to open PDF's with Arachne, 
but perhaps the best Arachne plug-in, which I do not yet know by name, 
relies on a working Ghostscript installation.)

SO, it would be nice if a FreeDOS user said "Go here, download this, unzip 
it there, and use this syntax to load a PDF.  And then for PS_View, go here 

--John Hupp 

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