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 >> >>       Yes. You may recompile as DOS application
E> Hmmm... I compiled the basic interpreter (min.c) as a
E> standard (real-mode) DOS program. If I run it without any
E> parameters, it shows the help. But when I try to run the
E> hello.lua script (the basic "Hello World!" script), the
E> interpreter only shows "Stack overflow!". What is the
E> problem? Do I need to modify the "Stack:" in the linker
E> options (I'm using the Open Watcom IDE)?

      First, don't forget to use Large memory model. Second, increasing stack
should help. Third, there is successful experience in compiling Lua for DOS
and running in it some examples from its TEST directory. This was achieved
by Mat Nieuwenhoven. If you wish, I resend you his makefiles. Unfortunately,
I not hear about complete success in DOS/16 version - probably, Lua sources
should be reviewed for bug-haunting.

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