At 09:31 AM 7/25/2006 +0200, Norbert Remmel  wrote:
>As promised detailled error description...
>PC description:
>Intel Pentium III 600 MHz
>256K Cache
>ASUS P2B Motherboard (Intel 440BX Chipset, AWARD ACPI Bios Rev. 1012)
>384 MB SDRAM (133 MHz)
>3COM 309B 10/100 PCI Ethernet Adapter
>Config.sys commands for HIMEM/EMM386:


I'm not convinced /TESTMEM does anything terribly useful, although the 
people who originally wrote the option or who use it may disagree with my 
personal opinion there.

Disk I/O will always run slower under virtual 8086 mode, present and active 
by definition with EMM386.  HIMEM has nothing to do with it, and that 
entire topic should be removed from the discussion as irrelevant.  Memory 
managers should not enjoy inaccurate benchmarks by piggybacking them off 
the actual benefits of other utilities -- UMBPCI in this case.

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