>> But there are still some systems, where the machine completely stops
>> responding when initializing the network.
> some network clients don't work if loaded into UMB memory; they also
> don't work with MSDOS emm386

The network client isn't loaded high at all.
And if you use umbpci everything works fine on all machines in our network.
So, there must be some functionality in emm386 that is this different
compared to umbpci that some machines do not like.
And that is why I would like to send this bootdisk to Michael to examine
what is wrong.

>> So, for your testing I applied for a fully functional test version of
>> Symantec Ghost 7.5 corporate edition and got the license key for 30 days
>>  test case on Friday. I hope I will manage to apply this license to the
>> ghost.exe today to give you a copy of my ghost network bootdisk.
> Just wondering: does Symantec Ghost 7.5 corporate edition really come
> with a freedos bootdisk ?

Symantec Ghost itself does not come with a freedos bootdisk. Original
pcdos is used by symantec.
Because pcdos and msdos kernels and applications are too big for a
floppy I use freedos for this which fits on one dmf2 floppy including
network client and ghost.
And I think Michael will do the last steps to make it run with his
memory management instead of umbpci which does not work on two of our
machines due to an unrecognized chipset.


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