Hi all,

>>>> But there are still some systems, where the machine completely stops
>>>> responding when initializing the network.
>>> some network clients don't work if loaded into UMB memory; they also
>>> don't work with MSDOS emm386
>> The network client isn't loaded high at all.
>> And if you use umbpci everything works fine on all machines in our network.
>> So, there must be some functionality in emm386 that is this different
>> compared to umbpci that some machines do not like.
>> And that is why I would like to send this bootdisk to Michael to examine
>> what is wrong.
> this is in my experience network card related.

No, it isn't. It must also be bios related, since e.g. a 3COM 905B/C PCI
Adapter works on one machine while on another it does not.

> You should also be prepared to send/sponsor this network card to
> Michael

I really would like to do but my boss would cut my head off if I would
do so as you surely can imagine ;-)


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