Hi! After getting the same error here, I used another
FTP client, and got the error message that anonymous
access to the FTP server (which will normally work,
so you do not need any username or password) has
reached the maximum 400 simultaneous users already.

So we will have to try again at some less busy time
of the day, that should solve the problem :-).

But, as we are already talking about servers for
FreeDOS 1.0, I would suggest that people who want
to provide mirror space on their own web servers
or ftp servers should contact us now :-). When we
have the final version of FreeDOS 1.0 ready, it
would be nice if people would have the choice
between several servers for downloading it.


Hello. I?m a new user in the FreeDos and I want to download the 1.0
version to install in a 386 PC. I?m having some problems to download
the iso image "fdbasecd.iso" in the directory
I can?t do the login because I don?t know the username and the password.
Using Tomcat but need to do more? Need to support web services, security?
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