> But, as we are already talking about servers for
> FreeDOS 1.0, I would suggest that people who want
> to provide mirror space on their own web servers
> or ftp servers should contact us now :-). When we
> have the final version of FreeDOS 1.0 ready, it
> would be nice if people would have the choice
> between several servers for downloading it.

I can offer u some servers located in North America, Europe and Asia but 
i might limit the traffic to maybe 1tb/month (u never know how much 
traffic is expected)

Maybe 2 years ago i used to mirror always the latest versions from 
freedos on my freedos mirror in germany, but it got removed regularly 
from the list (i needed to email jh to add me again) wich made me just 
stop it (i am talking about the file-mirror not the website).

Another 2 ideas :

1) i can provide a script that would send the files via dcc upon request 
on our irc network (the one who already hosts the #freedos channel).
2) when i was living in the phils connection to the "outside world" was 
terribly slow (isp's rather used sattelite uplinks with big delays and 
small bandwith than verry expensive oversea cables) so i came up with a 
little script that would just split a file into some small chunks and 
then send it as email attachement. the good thing is that i checked 
email with full speed at my local isp there. ok it took sometimes 2-3 
days till all email arrived but the actual download was much faster.
maybe thats still helpfull for some 3rd world countries or places with 
poor internet connection.

i also think that the torrend idea is verry good.


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