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SBE> it.  Then I came up with this (crazy?) idea of integrating it into a
SBE> portable stereo that I have pulled apart, and making this stereo a MP3
SBE> player.  I know how I want to implement the motherboard to the stereo (I
SBE> think).  My question to you all:  is freedos a good OS to use in this
SBE> situation?

     Not worser, than other DOSes.

SBE> I want quick start-up and shut-down times, and I understand DOS
SBE> does.


SBE> Almost immediate.  I plan on removing all unnecessary parts of the
SBE> laptop, which are the screen (obvious, as it is broken), and the mouse, and
SBE> keyboard(?).

     Do you sure, that without these components you notebook will boot at
all? BTW, in BIOS setup in desktop computers there is "Halt on:" option,
which allows you exclude keyboard errors (missing keyboard) from stopping

SBE> Can freedos run without the keyboard?  For controls, I am

     Sure. Just prepare a lot of scripts, which will automatically run from

SBE> As I am basically new to the world of DOS, how easy is it to adapt the
SBE> sound
SBE> card driver from Win98 to DOS?

     Impossible. :( Completely different OS architectures.

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