Hi fellow FreeDOS fans,

At last my FreeDOS/OpenGEM review has made it to the http://osnews.com 
alternative OS review contest.

Unfortunately it is outdated by now, since it describes 9b "Methusalem". 
   And almost all of the screenshots have been removed :(

Maybe they've put it up, because FreeDOS is currently "Hot". Well in my 
opinion it has and will always be Hot!

Thanks to Eric Auer and Shane Martin Coughlan for their great contributions.

Finally one mistake slipped into the review, since the CD-ROM won't boot 
  on this old school Pentium 133 Mhz box (tried it again with the 1.0 
basic CD).

When I installed FreeDOS/OpenGEM for this review, I connected the hard 
disk drive to a Pentium 200 MMX, that was able to boot the CD-ROM.

Sorry for that glitch.

With kind regards,

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