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> Hi FreeDOS team,
> Congrats on the release of FreeDOS 1.0 stable!
> As the maintainer of the GNU/DOS distribution, I had a question to
> ask. I noticed that FreeDOS 1.0 was considered "stable," yet the
> kernel file on the SourceForge page was called "2036test." Is 2036
> development version, or is it stable quality?
> The latest release of GNU/DOS (version 2006 SR1), which was
released a
> few months back, contains the 2035 kernel compiled for 386 & FAT32
> modified for DOSLFN support using Jason Hood's old patches. Would
> updating to the "2036test" kernel be considered more stable than
> one I currently use, or is it a "test" development version?
> Thanks,
> --
> Daniel Quintiliani
> www.pikecountycomputer.com

Sorry, that was 2035a, not 2035.


Daniel Quintiliani

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