Hi, I called the file release 2036test because I had expected
some small bugs to be found soon after that release. And indeed,
after 2036test, I had to fix the VERSION= handling and I found
that COM port polling can be improved. Those updates are what
makes 2036test differ from 2036final, if you like to call it
like that. But 2036final is not yet in cvs and not yet on SF,
my fault. It is only available on my homepage :-). The 2036final
kernel also zeroes out the upper reserved 4 bits of FAT32 FAT
values. Without this, it gets end-of-file early on some Windows
drives, which apparently set those values to nonzero for yet
unknown reason. Finally, 2036final includes a memmgr modification
which allows compatibility with misbehaving QuickBasic 4 QBRUN
libraries which want to double-free memory blocks.

All changes after 20 May 2006 are what makes 2036final differ
from the 2036test on SF, I would say :-). The linebreak thing
is because I had used a Unix cvs client... :-p.

         * kernel/config.c: VERSION= must set the int 21.30 DOS version,
           not the int 21.3306 "internal" DOS version. Fixed.
         * docs/intfns.txt: updated list of supported DOS functions. When
           DOSLFN is loaded for int 21.71, only remaining unsupported int
           21 functions are 21.4b05 (set execution state), int 21.63xx
           (DBCS / Korean Hangul, see above) and int 21.5d01 - 21.5d05
           (close files by name/computer/task, list open files, commit all)
         * made linebreaks in all batch files use CR LF, as Unix line breaks
           confuse command.com, leading to "early abort" or "endless loop"

* the MEMMGR and FATTAB changes are not yet mentioned in the changelog...

  kernel2036-binary.zip and kernel2036-source.zip

> ask. I noticed that FreeDOS 1.0 was considered "stable," yet the
> kernel file on the SourceForge page was called "2036test." Is 2036 a
> development version, or is it stable quality?

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