Eric Auer escribió:
> This probably means that the new cdrom drivers are less reliable
> than the old ones. Use MEM /d /p to see which driver you have
> loaded. The ElTorito boot-bios-supported driver is probably
> better than the generic cdrom driver. I encountered the same
> problems and used the following solution:
I can't do it. GZIP fails and the process stop without a conmand line to 
type. The error is buffer overrun (not overflow, sorry)
> Copy the iso image (not the contents but really the raw .iso file)
> to c:\fdbootcd.iso and boot the installer (from cdrom or diskette).
> It will find the iso image and "mount" it, which means that it can
> get all data directly from the iso on harddisk. Fast and reliable :-).
Eh... ¿where is fdbootcd.iso? I can download fdbasecd.iso and 
fdfullcd.iso form 1.0 but fdbootcd.iso is from 0.9
I can try to rename fdbasecd.iso to fdbootcd.iso.

Un saludo
Carlos Garcés

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