I was excited to see FreeDos V1.0 was out finally. I threw the CD in
and ran the install on a spare PC. The install was pretty nice. But
then it finished and I rebooted and got this message.


GRUB Loading Stage1.5...

GRUB Loading...
Error 17

 >From what I could find, Error 17 means GRUB found the boot partition
but doesn't recognize the filesystem. I first partitioned the entire
20GB drive as FAT32. So I tried creating a 1.5GB partition as FAT16.
Still nothing. I booted off the CD but couldn't find any GRUB config
files on the C drive. I suppose that's all stored on the boot sector.
Any idea what's going on? And more specifically, how to fix it?

I'm a little sad as I've had trouble with older FreeDOS installs that
used LILO. On an old PC I have, when booting it would get to "LI" and
then hang. I was hoping this wouldn't happen when the official V1.0
came out. I'm going to try to install it on that PC tonight. Maybe
I'll have better luck with that one.

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