Well, the MBR is special program located at sector 1 head 0, cylinder 0
with datastructure for partition information. The code for detecting
active Partition is 446 bytes long and then follow the partition table
entries (4 of them):

bootable    db ? ; Indicate active partition slice
beginhead   db ? ; Starting head (0 for primary DOS)
begsector   dw ? ; 
systemcode  db ? ; Tells which OS owns it
endhead     db ? ; set to FFFF (65535) for maximum coverage 
sectorend   dw ? ; ditto... 
startsector dd ? ; logical LBA Address of drive partition start   I set
it to 0

would still have to over come 512MB bios limit though? 

www.boodaa.de ... My mono-linguistic brain cant read deusche very
well:-\ you can pass it on to him.


> -------- Original Message --------
> In forum the author sais he really would like to extend the image to the
> full size of a stick, but he doesn't manage to do so because he does not
> know exactly how to change the mbr.
> Perhaps someone of you can help him out.

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