On Fri, 2006-12-01 at 23:33 +0100, Eric Auer wrote:
> Hi Carl,
> > First for such an old laptop if you want Suse be sure to have at least
> > 20 gig free for a min install.  If you cant get more than 256 mb on it,
> > I have a full set of 9.2 with an update disk.  Support will die with the
> > advent of 10.2.  I will attempt 10.0 when I get some more memory for
> > this PII 350Mhz.
> I assume you mean 20 meg and not 20 gig...? Actually I think
> something like 1 gigabyte can already give you a few hundred
> of the better programs :-). An install with 20 mb harddisk
> space will be very minimal - once I tried to install on a PC
> with ca 250 mb harddisk, a medium 486 PC, but that was really
> basic and not very useful. One thing which is really useful
> for old computers is using old Linux versions. For example
> SuSE 6.4 - if you can live with a 2.2 kernel without USB
> support and stuff. Alternatively, there are many lesser known
> Linux distros around which are especially made for small
> computers with small harddisks and little RAM, but which are
> modern distros.
No for Suse I ment 20 gig /boot 64mb / 7-10gig /swap 128mb min /home the
rest of the 20 gig.  

> I think the reason why there were no further mails in this
> thread this week is that, not wanting to get one of those
> few DOS compatible wifi cards second hand, and not wanting

My freedos mail stopped on Mon 11-27 and restarted today.

BTW I am told FreeDOS is the basis of dosemu for linux.
So keep coding there is life in the old dog yet.


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