>> When calling "mem.exe /all", I get told, that FreeDOS is using HMA,
>> but that there is still 11Kbytes (11359 bytes) free within HMA.
>> Is it possible to load some drivers into this free area of HMA or
>> to use it in some way?
you can't load anything there (but some smart software could use it)

> That is interesting. Normally, the kernel will use 40 kB of HMA
> for kernel code and the rest for BUFFERS. Maybe you have a line
> BUFFERS=toomany so the kernel could not put them into HMA? Try
> fewer buffers then. For example, try BUFFERS=30. If not all of
> them fit into HMA, then the kernel might have to use low memory
> for more than needed, leaving actually more HMA space unused.
of the 64K HMA, ~40K are used by the kernel

reserves 20K as BUFFERS, leaving 11359 Byte 'free' = available for
clever software (which doesn't exist). In the meantime, these 11K are
used as BUFFERS, too (clever, isn't it ? ;)


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