When I wrote about my problems with FreeDos under Virtual PC on my Power
PC MAC - the problem being that I cannot figure out how to get Freedos 
to recognize the USB floppy drive - several of you berated me for using
Virtual PC because it is an M$ product and told me to go look at
VMWare and other emulators.

Well as far as I have been able to tell - for a Power G5 MAC using OSX-
Virtual PC is the only game in town unless I want to set it up to dual
boot into Linux - which is not my intention - I want Freedos running in
a window on the Mac Desktop.

VMWare and Parallels and the other one that was mentioned will only run
on OSX MACs that are the new X86 MACs. My power G5 mac may be a couple of
years old but it is still a powerful computer and I am not at this time
going to get an X86 MAC.

So i repeat my question - does anyone have experience getting FreeDos to
recognize a USB floppydrive on a G5 MAC that has to use Virtual PC to
get X86 aps running.


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